How to Block Ads on Words with friends?

Do you want to play Words with Friends without being interrupted by ads? Do you have a device that is not compatible with the latest version of the app? If so, this post is for you. In this blog post, we will show how to block ads on Words with Friends and how to get the ad-free version of Words With Friends from iTunes or Google Play.

How to Block Ads on Words with friends?

If you’re a fan of Words With Friends, then you know the app may start bombarding you with unskippable ads right in the middle of the turn. This can be really frustrating, especially if you’re playing a timed game.

Fortunately, there is a way to block these ads and get an ad-free experience while you’re playing Words with Friends. It’s actually quite easy to learn how to block ads on words with friends in just a few minutes, and we’ll show you exactly how below!

To purchase Premium Words With Friends:

Open WWF;

Click the “Help” icon, then select “Remove Web Ads”;

Enter the promo code “freewordswithfriends” and tap “Submit”.

To get ad-free Words With Friends on Google Play:

Open WWF;

Tap Menu, then go to Settings > Remove Ads. You will need a VPN to download the paid version of the app from Google Play.

Once you have followed the instructions above, you will be able to enjoy an ad-free Words With Friends experience without any interruptions!


In the end, we only say that if you’re bored with so many ads showing up in the game then you must try out the methods mentioned in this post. You can either purchase the ad-free version of WWF or try to get a VPN and then download it from Google Play. You can also try another version of this game that isn’t related to digital things like mobile or computer. Hence it won’t disturb you with ads. Yes, you can try the Words with Friends Board Game to enjoy the same fun. We hope that you have found this post helpful! Thanks for reading.

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