The Definitive Guide to German Scrabble

Word with Friends and Scrabble are the most popular game being played in Germany. The German language is open and allows the players to enjoy the game. Board games in Germany are common allowing the masses to enjoy the gameplay. Further, there are millions of players playing German scrabble in Germany. Scrabble in Germany is known as Scrabble Deutsch.

German Scrabble Word Finder

There are words that are different from simple English. Especially there is a word “Eszett.” This word is missing in simple English allowing the players in other countries not to use them.


German Scrabble Tiles

The German Scrabble Cheat is that they play with 119 tiles compared to the 100 tiles for the standard scrabble game. Further, there are 08 tiles in the German Scrabble compared to the other scrabble tiles being played in the world.

German Scrabble Different scores

German players, while playing their game, score differently from the world. This is because of the difference between the umlauted and non-umlauted vowels.

Do they play scrabble in Germany?

Yes, they do.


But the game they play is called "Scrabble". Some words that are not allowed in their version of Scrabble are:

1) Orifices (i.e., orifice, oral, anal)

2) Gash


3) Slut

4) Tosser/Tosspot


German Scrabble is in the German language allowing millions of players to enjoy the gameplay. German’s are fond of playing board games as the best recreational games for spending quality time with friends and family members. Further, german scrabble has more tiles when compared to the standard Scrabble game being played anywhere in the world. Moreover, there are a million differences in the game, but the spirit of the game remains the same and intact anywhere you go and play the game.