The Scrabble Letter Font: Which Letters Should You Use

When it comes to the official Scrabble letter font Hasbro, the official maker of the game scrabble, mentioned the font name was Eurostile. This font offers a touch of fiction and modernist architecture. It was designed in 1962, and it is widely used in movies and artwork. Further, letter font is required in order to make your very own scrabble letter font.

What Font Are Scrabble Letters

There are a number of fonts that are being used in making this scrabble game. The most common and widely used fonts were Eurostile. And after that, the most accepted scrabble font letter is Interstate Bold. Tobias Frere-Jones designed the Interstate typeface in the 1990s. In 1949, a US Highway Administration signage alphabet was designed to use the font. Interstate and Interstate Bold both share Eurostile's love of great signage. For example, a game board would make for an excellent print display. Further, you can make Wooden Scrabble Tile Font using these fonts. That would look perfectly well and enchanting.


Other Scrabble Letter Fonts

There are so many other scrabble letter fonts that can be used as an alternative for making the perfect-looking fonts for your game. In addition, you can make your same style scrabble fonts. If you have a question about How To Make Scrabble Tiles? We have countered the answer in the upcoming section to understand the work better. The list for these fonts includes

  • News Gothic
  • Futura Font
  • Modified Peignot
  • Franklin Gothic

News Gothic

This font is also considered to be the best alternative to your very original font that is being used in the game. It carries a significant variation. This font holds the letters making it a versatile font for you.


Futura Font

This is another official font for the game. In this font, both the diagonal lines intersect the vertical lines making it a unique font.

Modified Peignot


Unlike the standard Scrabble set, the font here is considerably different. Each letter has an asymmetrical stroke, such as how the left side of the letter A is thinner than the right side. C is thicker at the top and bottom than at the vertical part. You can call this an old United Kingdom version of scrabble.

Franklin Gothic

This franklin gothic is another font that closely resembles the original font for the scrabble game. This version for fonts closely resembles the letters that are being used in the game. When you closely look at the letters G, K, Q, and R. You will feel that the texture for the letters is the same.


Scrabble Letter Font will allow the users to know the font that is being used in scrabble exactly. We are familiar with this font and like to have an identical replica for making our own font for the game. You can now make your very own style and colored fonts with the help of the Scrabble Wall Letters Generator.