10 Fun Witty Word Games That Enhance Your Vocabulary

You may be looking for some new games to play, or maybe you are looking for some way to improve your vocabulary. What if there was a game that could do both? That is exactly what this blog post will show you! There are many free word games online that you can play without downloading anything on your PC. We have compiled 10 of the best ones here, with screenshots and more information about how they work.

What are the best free Word Games Online?

There are many word games that you can play online for free. These games can help you improve your vocabulary, learn new words, and have some fun.


Below are the ten best free word games online that we found. We highly recommend giving them all a try!

Word Ladder

In this game, you start with a word and then must create a new word using the last letter of the previous word. For example, if the word is "apple," the next word would be "pudding."

Word Association

In this game, you are given a word and then must come up with as many associated words as possible in 60 seconds.



This game is similar to Word Ladder, but instead of using the last letter of the previous word, you use the first letter. For example, if the word is "bat," the next word would be "tab."


This classic board game can now be played online against other players. Scrabble online has made things easy for the players. They can now play even on Facebook with their friends and family.


In this game, you are given a grid of letters and must find as many words as possible before the time runs out.



This game is very similar to Boggle, but it uses a crossword puzzle format instead of using letters in a grid. It also comes with many categories for you to use as well!

Free Riddles and Answers

What's better than riddles? Free online word games that give you free riddles and also give you some of the answers!

The What or Who Game

In this game, you must come up with a word that starts with the last letter in one word and ends with the first letter in another. For example, if your words are "horse" and "pearl," then your answer would be...


This game is exactly what you may think it is. You are given the letters H, A, N, and G on a blank piece of paper and must guess the word before your character (the hangman) gets hanged!

Word Search

What if we told you that there was an online version of this classic puzzle? That's right, you can now play word search puzzles online!


This game is similar to the classic newspaper game where you must unscramble the jumbled-up letters to create a word. This game comes with new word puzzles daily. There will be four new word jumble puzzles daily that you need to solve with an extra cartoon jumble puzzle. These all the jumbled words can be solved with the help of a jumble solver that will help you in getting more points easily.

We hope that this list has given you some ideas of new free word games to try out. We highly recommend giving them all a try, as they can be a lot of fun! What are you waiting for?

What is the Best Free Word Games Online?

Word games are very popular, so there is no shortage of free word online games you can play! What makes these word games stand out from the others? There are many factors that make a good word game great, but we will say one thing for sure: if it has an element of competition or challenge then most likely it's going to be a great word game online!

Who are the Best Word Game Players? What Makes Them Great?

The best players of these games are those that put in time and practice to hone their skills. You can always tell a true pro because they have been playing for years, know every nuance about all of the words available, and will challenge you to play a game that you have never heard of before!