The Highest Scoring Word in Words with Friends

Many people enjoy playing Words with Friends on their mobile devices, but do you know that the highest scoring word in Words with Friends is "oxyphenbutazone"? This word, which is a real word but not one you would typically use in conversation, can generate up to 1600 points! However, the vast majority of high-scoring words are much more common. For example, "queen" scores 780 points, while "zoo" scores 660.

Knowing what the highest scoring words are in Words with Friends can be very useful when playing the game. If you're stuck and need a quick way to score some points, these common high-scoring words will help!


What is the highest played word in Words with Friends?

The highest played word in Words with Friends is "quiz". This was the first word to reach the 12,000 point mark. It's not surprising that this high-scoring word is so popular, as it can help you rack up a lot of points quickly!

How to score 1000 points in Words with Friends?

To score 1000 points in Words with Friends, you'll need to use a high-scoring word. Luckily, there are plenty of them to choose from! Here are some of the most common ones:

- "queen" – 780 points


- "zoo" – 660 points

- "Amen" – 1000 points

- "axiom" – 780 points


- "emperor" – 780 points

Knowing these high-scoring words can help you score big in Words with Friends. Use them wisely and you'll be on your way to a high score. This religious word "Amen" can generate a whopping 1000 points, making it one of the most valuable words to play in the game. If you're looking to score big, be sure to add "Amen" to your list of words to play. Other high-scoring words in the game include "Zao" which can earn you a whopping 600 points, and "Laos", earning you 500 points.

You can also check the tips about winning every game at words with friends that will help you more.

Concluding sentences

Although Words with Friends is a casual mobile phone game that's easy to enjoy, what may be surprising is what some of the highest-scoring words are! Some players manage to score 1000 points with words like "Amen" and "Zao". So if you're looking to up your game, be sure to add these words to your list! Thanks for reading.