How to Make Scrabble Tiles: DIY Craft

Do you love playing Scrabble? Do you miss the feeling of slamming down tiles onto a board, making your friends curse and swear as they try to find their words? Can't find anyone who wants to play with you anymore because the game is impossible without tile pieces? Don't fret! With this easy DIY craft tutorial, you can make your own set of scrabble tiles.

How to make Scrabble Tiles?

This project is perfect for beginners who want to hone their crafting skills or seasoned crafters looking for a new challenge. From materials needed to tips on how best to use your Cricut machine, here are all the steps that will help make these scrabble letters come together.


Materials needed:

-Cricut machine or other craft cutting tool

-Scrabble tiles (either bought online or salvaged from an old set)


-Craft vinyl in colors of your choice

-Transfer tape

-Weeding tool



-First, you will need to create a design for your scrabble tiles in your favorite software program. If you're using a Cricut machine, you can create the design in Canvas.

-Next, cut out your vinyl letters with your craft cutting tool.

-Peel off the backing of the vinyl and place it on top of your scrabble tile. Use a squeegee to smooth out any air bubbles.

-Use a weeding tool to remove the excess vinyl from around your scrabble tile letters. Once you have removed all of the extra material, use transfer tape to secure down each letter on its own layer (this will make it easier for you when you go about cleaning up).

-Once again, use a squeegee to smooth out any air bubbles and then use scissors to carefully trim away the excess transfer tape.

-That's it! You've now created your very own set of Scrabble tiles. Enjoy playing (or frustrating) your friends with them!

More challenging Scrabble Tiles

If you're looking for a more challenging project, why not try making the scrabble tiles out of wood? It won't be as smooth or easy to transport, but it will look really cool!

Lather, Rinse and Repeat: Once you've completed this basic scrabble tile project, try making a set for each letter of the alphabet. If you're feeling ambitious - make all 26 letters. Can you think of any other words that could be represented by a tile letter? How about an exclamation point or a question mark? The possibilities are endless! Get creative and have fun with it. And most importantly, happy crafting!

-Now that you know how to make scrabble tiles, you can start making your own set of personalized tiles for your own Scrabble game. Or, you can make a set to give as gifts for your friends who still love playing the classic board game.

What are the Dimensions of a Scrabble tile?

Scrabble tiles are usually made of wood with dimensions 19 by 19mm. The letters are 0.25 inches high and they have a thickness of 0.12 inches (0.32 cm). When you purchase your Scrabble tiles, the letter-to-tile ratio is usually around 12:13. What that means is: If the width of the tile was 20cm, then there would be about 13 letters on it. This ratio is different for every Scrabble tile set in the market today.

What is the font for the Scrabble tile?

The font for Scrabble Tiles is Eurostile Bold. If you have a Cricut machine, Canvas software will allow you to choose this font for your project.