How Many Letters are in Words with Friends - Explained

Do you know how many letters are in Words With Friends? A question being asked by Most people to themselves. If you want to be the best player possible, then it's important to learn what your tiles are worth and what each letter looks like. There are 12 vowels in the game, 3 sets of 2 consonants which represent one letter each (B, C, D), 1 blank tile which can be used as any letter, and 2 Zs which count as both vowels or consonants.

This totals to 104 letters.


The value of each letter in Words With Friends is also different than in Scrabble. The J, Q, and X tiles are worth 11 points instead of the traditional ten points. A tile bag in Words With Friends has more high-value letters, making it a more strategic game.

A quick tip: Play Big with high-value letters that (J, Q, X) are very easy in this high-value word game.

How much is each letter worth in Words With Friends?

Here we're providing a reference list of letter values from which you can simply check that how many tiles are there for each letter. Moreover, you can also see the scoring values for each letter. You'll want to remember those so that you know what your options are when forming words!


0 Points

• Blank - 2 tiles

1 Point


• E - 13 tiles
• A - 9 tiles
• I, O - 8 tiles
• T - 7 tiles
• R - 6 tiles
• S - 5 tiles

2 Points

• D, N - 5 tiles
• L, U - 4 tiles

3 Points

• H - 4 tiles
• G - 3 tiles
• Y - 2 tiles

4 Points

• B, C, F, M, P, W - 2 tiles

5 Points

• V - 2 tiles
• K - 1 tile

8 Points

• X - 1 tile

10 Points

• J, Q, Z - 1 tile

How do I calculate the value of a word in Words With Friends?

The total score is calculated by adding up all seven tiles in the word and then multiplying that number by the letter value of each tile. The blank tile is worth zero points, and words with no tiles are also worth zero points. So if a player has seven tiles in their hand, and they play "cat", the total score for that turn would be 14 (seven multiplied by two).

What is the tile bag in Words With Friends?

If you're playing Words With Friends, then you know that the tile bag is where your tiles are taken from. This is also where you get to see all of your opponent's unused tiles.

When the Tile Bag opens, it will show everything on the board that hasn't been played yet. It also excludes what you can also see there as your current rack of letters.. All the tiles that are on your opponent's rack will also be shown here as not being played so far.

When you make a word with one or more of their unused tiles, they will be taken from this section of the tile bag and placed into your current rack for play! You can also use these to form new words by adding them to the end of words in your rack.

This is a great way to see what letters your opponent has left, and it can help you strategize better for the next turn! If you're looking for an edge over the competition, knowing what's in the tile bag can give you just that.

Learn Your Letters To Play Big in Words with Friends!

Now that you know all about the letters in Words With Friends, it's time to put that knowledge to use! Knowing which letters are worth more points and how to score big with high-value tiles will help you dominate your opponents. So study up and get ready to win!

In order to get help in unscrambling the difficult tiles in your hand, use the Words With Friends solver. This can help you form words with all of the letters that are available to you.

Wrap Up:

- There are 104 letters in a Words With Friends game

- The value of each letter is different than in Scrabble

- J, Q, and Z tiles are worth 10 points.