Words with Friends Coins: Do You Need Them

If you're a fan of the Scrabble-like game Words With Friends, then you might be wondering how to get more coins to play with. After all, it's not free - and if you want to play with your friends or online opponents that means paying for them! You can buy words with friends coins in increments of 1000 at $1.99 per 1000 coins (US). But do you need these coins? What do they do for the game? And what are Mystery Boxes anyway? I'll answer all these questions and more in this article about buying and using words with friends coins.

What do you use the coins for in Words With Friends?

The main thing that you can do with them is to buy Mystery Boxes. These boxes give you a random selection of goodies, including more coins, power-ups, and badges. They're a great way to get some new goodies without spending too much money, and they come in different levels of rarity to suit all players. You can also use your coins to buy bonus squares for your game board, which gives you an extra letter or two to play with. This can be a real help if you're stuck for words near the end of the game.


What are Mystery Boxes in Words With Friends?

Mystery boxes can be purchased for coins or won during games. The Mystery Box has different levels of a rarity such as green, blue, purple, and orange. You never know what you will get when you open a Mystery Box! Sometimes the contents could be a few coins, an extra turn for a badge, or a power-up. Mystery boxes are the only way to get new badges and color bombs in Words with Friends.

How do you get more coins for words with friends? Do you need them if you're a casual player?

You can buy 5000 Word game coin bundles at $69.99. This will give you enough coins to never have to worry about running out of coins to play the game again. You can also buy Mystery Boxes with your coins, which is a great way for players who are looking for new goodies without spending too much money. The only other way to get more coins is by winning games against friends or online opponents. Here you can also use a tool that will help you in solving word tiles that is called word with friends solver. It will help you in winning more with the coins that you're going to use.

Why is it bad to buy or sell words with friends coins from unofficial sources?

Buying and selling Words With Friends Coins for real money is against the ToS of Scrabble because your account could get suspended if you're caught doing this. Using an auto program to generate coins will also lead to a suspension as this is also against the TOS. The only way to get more coins legitimately is by buying them from Zynga or winning games.


What are the benefits of buying words with friends coins?

When you buy Words With Friends Coins, you're supporting the game and ensuring that it will stay free for everyone to play. You're also giving Zynga a way to keep the servers running and create new content for players. This is good for everyone!