Words with Friends on Messenger: a Guide to Playing

Words With Friends is a popular word game that has been played on the web and in mobile apps for years. Recently, Words With Friends became available to play on Facebook's messenger app. If you have never played before, this guide will give you all the information you need to get started!

How do you play games on messenger?

The messenger app is loaded with another feature that helps you to play games also when you're chatting with your friends on it.


You can play simple games like tic tac toe, chess, or checkers. It's also possible to play the classic board game monopoly on messenger. If you are into card games there is a lot of options available for you as well which will make your chatting experience with friends even more fun! The most popular cards game played in Facebook Messenger is Solitaire.

How to play Words With Friends on Messenger?

To start playing the popular word game on messenger, you first need to add one of your friends that are already playing the game. If you don't have any friends that are currently playing, no worries! You can search for people in your Facebook network who are also playing Words With Friends. If you don't see anyone in your network, or if you want to play with someone outside of it, there is also a search function that lets you find people by name and/or email address who are playing Words With Friends as well!

Once one of your friends has accepted the invitation for a game, they will become your opponent. When you start a game, the messenger app will give you an option to play in either "practice" mode or with "tournament rules". If your friend wants to practice words before playing for real money, they can choose this mode and you will be able to build up some points together. Once both of you feel ready though it's time to play for keeps and choose the "tournament rules" mode!


Now that you know how to play Words With Friends on messenger, it's time to get started! Add one of your friends and start spelling words. We suggest you use the best words with friends solver tool that will help you in getting good points in difficult letter solving. Good luck!