Word Radar in Words with Friends

Greetings fellow word nerd, do you find yourself sitting on the sidelines of your Words With Friends game day wishing that there was a way to get more clues and hints? What if we told you that there is a hidden feature in the app (that's not super hard to activate) that will allow you to see words before they happen. This article will walk you through how to use Word Radar in Words with Friends.

What is Word Radar in Words with Friends?

Word radar is a feature in the Words with Friends app that is a little-known trick to help you see all of your opponent's possible words. What it does is look at your board and suggest letters for each word slot on their rack (in random order). While this doesn't guarantee they'll use any or all of these if there are good ones in their rack already, it at least gives you a better idea of what they might have.


How do I get word clues in Words With Friends?

To turn on Word Radar, open up the app and go to Settings (the gear icon). From there, scroll down until you see "Word Radar" and toggle it on. Once it's turned on, you'll be prompted to allow the game access to your device's camera. What this does is take a picture of your board and then use that image as a reference for Word Radar, which it will share with you in each turn when making guesses.

How do I activate hindsight on words with friends?

Once Word Radar is activated, you can toggle it on or off by going to the settings menu and selecting "turn hindsight on". This setting will allow you to see your opponent's possible words for a given turn from within that particular game. What this does is turn Word Radar into a letter guessing game, rather than just a list of suggested letters.

Finding the Best Word By Using Word Radar

Finding the best word in words with friends isn't easy unless you're using Word Radar. What this feature does is take each word slot on your board and scan the entire grid for possible words. It then sorts them based on how many points they are, with higher scoring letters coming first (in random order). What you can do from there is use that list to make better decisions about where to place tiles next turn or even if you should challenge your opponent's word.


Can we use Hindsight to learn new Words?

First I was not able to get the hindsight scoring word. I was only able to get some points that I was able to get without using Word Radar. But we don't need to stop there we need to learn new words to earn more points.

We only do that by activating Hindishgt from the blue icon to see what words you missed that your opponent was able to get. What you can do then is look at those words and learn them so that next time they come out in a game you'll have the chance to grab some points off of it as well.

How do I use Hindsight?

I'm using this feature from my iPhone as soon as I see letter tile on my board I will use this feature to get a better look at possible words on it. What you can do from there is see if the word looks familiar and click on it. If not then just try clicking the next or back button until you find one that has some points for you.


That's all there is to it! Activate Word Radar and be sure to toggle "hindsight" on to enjoy this hidden feature. If you are looking for more ways to get an edge in your Words with Friends games, be sure to check out our other articles about words that can put up a fight and how to use the Scramble tool!